How Ginkgo can help your business

Here at Ginkgo, we have a flexible attitude to developing your web presence. We can build you a site from the ground up using the latest Content Management technology, or re-engineer your existing site into a more modern, maintainable and effective solution.
If you just need some help with an existing site that you would like to keep, we can do that too.

The Ginkgo process

Before we even think about putting on our coding hats, we sit down with our clienst and get a good understanding of their business, and what they expect their web site to deliver, both in terms of the user experience and the overall benefit to the business.

Then we prepare a detailed cost estimate which, depending upon how much of the final content the client already has, may include  graphic design, sourcing licenced images, copy writing and photography.

Next we build a prototype of the site which will include the final site structure, navigation and any content that is available at the time.

After reviewing the prototype with the client and agreeing changes, the final site is built and deployed to our hosting service. When the client is completely happy, the the site is made live.


How we develop your site

We build most of our sites using the WordPress platform: A Content management system used by over 20 million sites worldwide. This gives us a huge headstart over developing sites from scratch using older technologies, and allows us to deliver sophisticated features and superb levels of reliability for a relatively small outlay. As a starting point, we can use one of thousands of pre-built templates which include custom typography, page layout, colour schemes and graphics. Then we customise the template to meet the client’s exact requirements, adding graphical styles, images, and layout changes as needed.

All of our sites use industry standard technologies which have been proven to be extremely resilient in even the most  high volume deployments, and none of the technologies that we employ  incur ongoing licence fees.

Ongoing Support

Unlike many developers, we don’t apply high charges for every change that a client wants to make to their site. In the first year, minor content changes and unlimited technical support are included in the initial development fee. In subsequent years, support can be purchased as part of the annual hosting fee, or by the hour as required. Significant modifications to the site are charged a pre-agreed fixed price.

Where the site has been developed using the WordPress framework, it is possible for clients to maintain their own site content, changing as much as they  want, as often as they want, at no additional cost.

Support related to software or service faults is always free.