Our Friends

One of the joys of living and working in West Bridgford is the fantastic mix of people that we meet, and organisations that exist to enhance our community and environment.
Here are some of the local groups and people that make our lives a little better.


Paul Carroll Photography

Paul Carroll

We’ve known Paul for a while and as well as being an superb photographer (the photo of the empty seats at Meadow Lane is one of his), he is a really friendly guy, and always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy his customers.


Bennett Words

abProfessional writer Andrew Bennett has always had a way with words – they come to him easily, whatever the subject matter!

Whether it’s writing about property lettings, artisan-made bread or even innovative fold away homes for chickens; rabbits or guinea pigs, his talents have brought these West Bridgford businesses to life.


Green Streets West Bridgford

GreenStreetsThe green streets initiative has a simple goal: To get us out of our cars and riding bikes or walking for one day a month. We think that’s a worthwhile aim, and you certainly get to meet lots of new people when you are out and about!


Bridgford Bee Group

karinabees1The bee group has recently been set up as a forum for local beekepers, many of whom, like us are new to beekeeping. There is a really good mix of experienced ‘old-timers’ and enthusiastic newbies. It’s good to know that there is always someone willing to help out in an emergency!


Totally Locally

Totally Locally The Totally Locally organisation helps towns to promote their local businesses by highlighting the benefits of shopping locally. If every member of the community were to spend just £5 per week in local shops, millions of pounds per year would stay in the local economy. West Bridgford has been a Totally Locally town for couple of years, and has a growing number of artisan businesses that are flourishing. The group even has a local newspaper: The Totally Locally West Bridgford Times.