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There are many ways in which visitors can find your web site: Social media such as Facebook or Twitter links, recommendations in blogs, traditional print advertisements, and of course, search engines.

The processes by which search engines locate and rank web sites are constantly changing and are not generally  revealed by their creators. However, if your site is to feature prominently in search engine results, then it needs to have good Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. Some people like to treat SEO as a black art, since the search engine developers seldom divulge details of their algorithms, but there are well known techniques for making a site more visible to search engines, and most of them are really just common sense.

An essential part of SEO involves using keywords and phrases in appropriate ways and places within the site to ensure that search engines not only find the site quickly, but include it in search listings that are appropriate to your business. A site is also more attractive to search engines if it is referenced by other sites, blogs and social media.

Ginkgo can advise you on the steps you can take to increase your search engine ranking, and can even undertake a programme of social media interaction on your behalf, if for example you are planning a product launch or other event.


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The job of your home page is to confirm to the visitor that they have landed at the correct site, and by the use of interesting words and imagery, entice them to investigate the site further. Without including too much distracting information, it must suggest that you have something exciting to offer.

It can be a mistake to try to describe your whole business on the home page, but it’s usually a good idea to summarise your major products and services, with easily identifiable links to more detailed information. The use of multiple paths to the same information, such as links from images in addition to a top menu and maybe even a sidebar menu, makes it easier for your visitors to find their way around. Another advantage to dividing information into multiple pages is that we can more easily record where visitors have been, and analyse the parts of the site that attract more footfall.


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Most businesses are striving to achieve repeat customers, and so your website must be capable attracting visitors back, and offering something new when they do return

One way to attract people back is to invite subscription to a newsletter of blog. When new content is available, subscribers are sent a link to the new content, for where they can easily browse to other site content. You may even want to allow potential customers to comment upon your blog. Ginkgo can help to set this up and keep the content fresh and dynamic.

An easy to use contact page is another good way to get details of your visitors, which can be used to send promotional offers or other marketing links.

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