About Ginkgo

Ginkgo Web Solutions are a small web development studio based in West Bridgford, Nottingham. Our aim is to provide each of our clients with the most effective web presence for their organisation, combined with great customer service and excellent value for money.


PortraitWeb Simon Bramley has been developing software for 30 years, and has been an IT professional since graduating from Warwick University in 1986. He has worked in the public and private sectors, as a developer and project manager. The range of projects that he has been involved with include on-line transport timetables, self-service information kiosks, warehouse management systems and large-scale Management Information Systems for international retail operations. He works mostly from a small office overlooking the Green Line nature reserve in West Bridgford, Nottingham, from where he can keep an eye on his bee hive.







“I set up Ginkgo  in 2012, after receiving requests from many clients, friends and acquaintances to develop their web sites. I realised that there are many sources of off-the-shelf web sites which initially seem to be good value for money (or even free), but which often do not meet the requirements of the clients, and worse, do nothing at all to enhance their businesses. I particularly dislike impersonal online site builders which make the client do all of the work, and then charge for it! At Ginkgo, our ethos is different. We will really get to know you and your business,  so that we can develop a web application that projects the best possible image, with a good balance of content to make the right impression with your visitors.

We don’t use ready-built sites into which your details are added and a fully formed site pops out. We think that’s too much like  a production line. We do however use a range of pre-built components , combined with custom elements, to create unique and beautiful sites that are specifically tailored to your requirements.

We work with small group of local associates who together  provide a complete one-stop shop. We have experts who are skilled  in all aspects of  copywriting, graphic design, photography, social media and PR. We are proud of our levels of customer service, and commit to host, maintain and support your site for as long as you need it. You will always own your site, and while we offer the best possible hosting plan at the lowest possible price, you are free to take it to another hosting provider at any time, or even host it yourself.

We don’t have large offices, and when the opportunity arises, we love to work with local companies, so we keep our overheads low, and are able to pass on the savings to you.

We are passionate about being part of, and supporting our local community, and much of our work involves local businesses and social enterprises in and around Nottingham. See our Friends page for more information.”

Simon Bramley,  2013, Nottingham